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The 10 Best Bridal Party Proposal Gifts For Your Wedding Squad

He proposed. HE DID IT! 

You are most likely still on cloud nine, bursting with excitement to plan the big day. But then you have a thought: who do you want your wedding day besties to be? How do you ask them to be your bridesmaids?

“Jen definitely, Kristen for sure, Mary without a doubt, and Laura . . . maybe not Laura. Well . . ..She hasn’t been a  great friend lately . . . .but we’ve been friends since first grade. Fine. Laura, too.”


Next comes the search for the ideal bridal proposal gifts begins. Of course, you head straight to Google; always there for you with the answers you need and may even know your deepest darkest secrets. Let’s be honest, if Google was a human being, they would probably be your maid of honor. However, before you start searching far and wide for the perfect gifts, look no further than Le Panier De Fleurs. We compiled the top 10 bridal party proposal gifts just for you. Let’s get started!

bridesmaids gifts 

1. Bath Bombs

 This one you can easily buy at Target next time you are on a quick shopping spree. They have many fun colors and smell absolutely divine! Plus, what kind of girl doesnt like relaxing on a Sunday bath day? We rest our case.

2. Hair Scrunchies 

It feels like that every time we’re at the grocery store, we grab some hair ties. Yet, after a week, they somehow disappear again. See where we’re going with this? The point is that there are never enough hair ties in a girl’s vanity. Grab this cute set from Amazon or Etsy.

3. Matching Robes 

When it comes to classic bridal party proposal gifts, matching robes may be at the top of the list. Let’s be real, pics of the entire bridal crew in matching pjs or robes never get old! We are totally obsessed with this embroidered one. Grab one for each of your bridesmaids and pop the champagne!

4. Candles

A good candle doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Depending on your budget either pick something like this one from Etsy or that one from Target. You can even make a quick trip to Bath and Bodyworks; their candles have become staples in many households and we’re sure your BFFs would appreciate the practicality of your gift.

5. Silk Pillowcases

Silk is made from 18 amino acids and has proven to be beneficial to your skin and hair while you are asleep. Not sure what amino acids are? Don’t worry about it! All you need to know is that silk pillowcases are super soft and have tons of benefits.

6. Wedding Day Bling

Jewelry is the perfect bridal party proposal gift. Who doesn’t love some bling? If you are looking for decent quality jewelry, we suggest checking out Sugar Fix from Target, as they have an amazing selection of jewelry for many occasions (and at even amazing prices!).

7. Initial Ring Dishes

Any woman should have a ring dish; it’s something most women don’t think about but is super functional. How about the one that is fully personalized? We truly adore this stunning ring dish from Etsy!

8. Face Mask Sets

We swear by Peter Thomas Roth Masks! And in this mini kit, you get all 5 best selling masks to try. Give the entire kit as a bridal party proposal gift or split them up and divide them into individual bridesmaid boxes!

9. Custom Painted Glasses

These ones are our top pick when it comes to custom painted glasses! How creative, right?

10. Preserved Roses

Our final gift on this list is an absolute MUST-HAVE for any bridesmaid proposal box! Give the unique gift of real roses that have been preserved, so they last for years to come! You can pick any color and customize a case to make it extra special. Thankfully for you, we know exactly where to get these . . . 

bridesmaids gifts

Le Panier De Fleurs: Every Bridesmaid’s Dream!

At Le Panier De Fleurs, we carry the most breathtaking bridal party proposal gifts on the market. Our rose boxes are custom created for you and your squad. Pick the roses, the box, the colors, and the message and we will create a truly unique arrangement. Sounds too good to be true? We promise, it’s not. Browse our selection of roses that will dazzle your bridesmaids for years to come! Contact our team today to get started.

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