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How to choose the Best Florist in Spring Lake NJ

In a beach town like Spring Lake, there are only handful amount of floral businesses. Whether there is an anniversary on the horizon, a birthday, or a holiday, you may be in the market for a unique floral arrangement or rose bouquet. However, how do you select the best florist in Spring Lake NJ? Don’t worry, Le Panier De Fleurs is here for you. Let’s review a few factors to consider when picking the best florist in Spring Lake and surrounding areas. 

First, Flowers

Of course, the first factor to consider is the flowers that the florist has available. If you’re looking for specific flowers like lilies or sunflowers, obviously you want the florist you choose to have those blooms available. However, what if you’re looking for roses? Nearly every florist carries roses in their shop. How can you tell which business is truly the best florist in Spring Lake NJ when it comes to beautiful, colorful, and long-lasting roses? There are a few more factors to consider. 

A Vibrant Variety

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a flower shop with grand ideas of vibrant and colorful rose bouquets and then seeing rows and rows of red roses. Yes, red roses are classic and gorgeous; however, don’t you want your bouquet to be as unique as its recipient? The best florist in Spring Lake will have roses of the most vivid colors imaginable! From summer night and royal blue to orange twist and lemon drop, make sure the florist you choose has a wide variety of rose colors to pick from. This will allow you to create a truly one-of-a-kind floral gift for your special someone.


Love Longevity

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a florist is the longevity of their flowers. Without question, you want a florist who takes care of their flowers and can provide you with the proper instructions to take care of them too. Regular roses will eventually wilt, just like any other flower. However, only our shop & not just in Spring Lake, but in an ENTIRE JERSEY SHORE AREA offer roses that will last over a year. We’re talking about preserved roses, which make perfect gifts for loved ones. They are real farm-grown roses, they just last a lot longer. There’s nothing better than being able to give gifts to your loved ones that will serve as reminders of your love all year long. That’s why the longevity of your florist’s roses is so important.


Clear Customization

Preserved roses don’t come in your typical bouquet; they come in a beautiful little boxes or vases of all kinds of shapes and forms. With that said, there should be even more options when it comes to your rose box. Do you want a square box to hold your roses? Or what about a round one? How about mirrored square vase or wooden bowl? Regardless of what youchoose, the best florist in Spring Lake will have a superior selection of boxes and additional add-ons. For example, with our roses, we offer personalized cards, balloons, and more! Your special someone deserves an arrangement that is carefully customized just for them.


Exceptional Reviews

Finally, when looking for the best florist in Spring Lake NJ, make sure to check out their online reviews. Search for stellar reviews and positive customer experiences. If a florist you’re looking at has a heap of negative reviews, citing flowers that wilt fast and poor customer service, we advise you to continue searching. Look for a florist whose customers are singing their praises! For example, we would definitely recommend a florist that offers “the best flowers” a previous customer has ever ordered with “selections that are classy, tasteful, and elegant.” 


Le Panier De Fleurs: The Best Florist in Spring Lake NJ

For the best florist in Spring Lake NJ, look no further than Le Panier De Fleurs. Our team believes in preserving beauty and creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly arrangements that will blow your loved ones away and last a lifetime. Browse our collections to ultimately create the perfect rose bouquet for your loved one. Still have questions? Reach out to Le Panier De Fleurs today to get started.

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